Award Winning Filmmaker

  • North By Midwest Micro-Budget Film Festival
  • Door County Short Film Festival
  • London Cinematic International Film Festival
  • Script and Storyboard Showcase
  • Red Corner Festival
  • NEO International Film Festival
  • Cannes Screenplay Contest
  • Berlin International Cinefest
  • Ozark Shorts
  • Back in the Box Film Competition
  • Cutting Edge Film Festival
  • MedFF
  • Visionaria
  • Inspired Minds Short Film Festival
  • Magwill Film Festival
  • Roma Cinema DOC
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Television Professional

  • Emmys
  • Gabriel Awards
  • Parents’ Choice Awards
  • Central Educational Network
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • International Film and Video Festival of New York
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • National Association of Broadcasters
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Educator & Curriculum Designer

  • Associate Degree in Video and Motion Graphics
  • Bachelor Degree in Independent Digital Film
  • Certificate in Video Editing and Production
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Nella Citino is a media storyteller with over 20 years experience in the video, broadcast, and film industries. Nella has supervised several national, regional, and local broadcast programs and a variety of online projects. She has produced, directed, and written documentaries, children's programs, and news segments as well as short and feature films.

Her professional credits include the national children’s programs “Get Real!” and “Zoom” and nationally distributed documentaries covering a variety of social issues. She has received seven regional Emmys, five Gabriel Awards, Special Recognition from the National Association of Broadcasters, several Telly Awards and several Parents’ Choice Awards.

Nella is also a board member of Film Wisconsin, a nonprofit which works in creating a  thriving Motion Picture, Television Production, and Video Game industries in the state

She has developed several Boot Camps to assure the infrastructure of the film industry is vital to Wisconsin.  Presently 180 participants were trained to become future film professionals.

Nella earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University and a Master of Arts degree from Bowling Green State University.