Delight in the Mountain

Delight in the Mountain is feature film based on true events. With strong female protagonists who are not only in a traditional family, one of them is in THE family. They navigate their lives through a host of illegal activities,  the mob, a kidnapping, raising chickens and growing weed.  Here's the trailer.

When Does Love Begin?

A short film which was accepted into more than ten film festivals and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. This is a story about a couple who meet for a night of passion, but discover they are childhood friends as their love for one another is created through a false pretense. Sexually explicit language. Nudity.



Thigh Gap is a story of Jet, an obstetrician who is accused of murder, as she struggles to save her best friend Candi from suicide while trapped within the confines of an interrogation room.  She needs to save her pregnant friend while psyching out her formidable investigative opponent.

This script is available for option.


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